Let us make dance a special part of your life!

CASSOD offers classes for all ages and skill levels. Students are placed in a class that suits their prior dance knowledge to enhance their educational experience. Keep in mind that a student MAY be placed in different levels for different classes.


For the preschooler to develop motor skills, rhythm, coordination, and a sense of working with others in a classroom atmosphere.

Ballet/Jazz Combo

A program for 5 and 6 year olds combining  ½ hour ballet and ½ hour jazz. This allows the young dancer to experience basic ballet and jazz technique and introduces barre work using center floor. The jazz class allows the dancer to express themselves while it introduces a freestyle form of dance combining rhythm, coordination, strength, and emotion to a more popular beat of music.

Ballet/Jazz Combo (Level 1)

For the 7 to 10 year old, while similar to the 5-6 year old combo class, this class includes both French and Cecchetti techniques taught in the ballet class and introduces Hip-Hop – Funk dance in the Jazz class.


A combination of barre, progression, and center work. Balance, poise, grace, and alignment become learned skills for the student as the foundation for appropriate dance training is set in place.


A freestyle form of dance training combining rhythm, coordination, strength, and emotion for students 7 years of age to adult.


Ages 5 and up. A rhythmic study of dance developing an appreciation for music, timing, coordination, and footwork.


Ages 7 and up. A new age style of dance that incorporates classical, modern, and jazz techniques that includes unpredictable changes in rhythm speed and direction.


Ages 7 and up. A style of movement characterized by modern techniques executed to hip-hop music and several sub-styles of dance.


Ages 5 and up. An exciting and fun way of introducing gymnastic technique, consisting of floor work, stretching, and tumbling.


Ages 11 and up. Students must have at least 4 years of ballet training in order to audition. Offered to students developed in strength, coordination, and knowledge of ballet.

Competition Class

Competitive dance team available for students who wish to showcase their talents at various venues during competition season. CASSOD Competitive Dance Team has placed in competitions for the last 20 years. Students must audition for a place on CASSOD’s competitive dance team.

Adult Classes

Motivating and exciting classes are available for adults (18+) looking for a healthy way to feel good about themselves. Adult classes include Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Yoga/Mindfulness Classes.